Website Design brief for Jenny

Website Design Brief – Jennifer Metcalf

Description: A photography website

Contact details:

Reason for website requirement: to promote, present, entertain

Desired brand identity: simple, cute and pretty

Audience in detail: aspiring models as well as clients in need of photographers

Purpose and aims for website: to promote Jenny’s photography

What the USERS want: to be provided with interesting, fresh photography

How you will measure its success: the number of hits that the website receives as well as personal feedback to myself and my client

Accessibility requirements: to be able to be opened on all browsers

Devices necessary to access the website: computers or the current top mobile devices (e.g. iPads, iPhones)

Timescale: 7 weeks +

Cost to develop and maintain: to develop – none except perhaps for the web domain name, to maintain – none

How much control does the client want in adapting the website in the future? (Content management systems): I’ll allow her to make any changes she requires to her website so that she can update it with new photos and information

Access priorities: it is more important that the website can be accessed quickly so that the photos can be viewed quickly in full quality

Aesthetics: greens, blues and purples against a simple white background

Content: The website will contain a selection of Jenny’s own chosen photos as well as contact information


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